SuperDARN Scheduling Working Group

Welcome to the website for the SuperDARN Scheduling Working Group (SWG). Please visit the links on the side menu for additional information about the SWG and its function, how to request an experiment, membership, scheduling overview plots, a database of past/present schedules, and open issues being considered by the working group.

Recent News

  • 2023.05.11 - deadline for July 2023 schedule requests
  • 2023.05.04 - final SuperDARN schedule for June 2023 distributed to community
  • 2023.04.27 - draft SuperDARN schedule for June 2023 sent to PIs for approval
  • 2023.04.17 - draft SuperDARN schedule for June 2023 distributed to SWG for comment
  • 2023.04.03 - final SuperDARN schedule for May 2023 distributed to community

CPID Database and Overview Plots - Now Available!

Figure: Sample search parameters and output from the online CPID database for 01 January 2012. Click "Control Program IDs" on the side menu bar for more info!
Figure: Sample overview of monthly radar operating schedule allocation. These allow users to track the distribution of Common Time, Special Time, and Discretionary Time at a glance for years 2008-present. Click "Monthly Schedule Overview" on the side menu bar for more info!

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