Photo Gallery


Photo gallery of various lab activities including the completed MSI SuperDARN radar build in the desert of Oregon and the beginnings of a build in the Azores.

Oregon MSI Radar Trips

July 29 - Aug 3, 2012

Lab Work   movie (59 MB)    still Site Drive   movie (31 MB)    still Sunset Fire   movie (4 MB)    still

Azores MSI Radar Build

April 10-17, 2012

Ponta Delgada: Photos taken while in Ponta Delgada (briefly). Graciosa: Photos taken while on Graciosa Island.

Terceira: Photos taken while on Terceira Island. Terceira: More photos taken while on Terceira Island.

Pico: Photos taken while on Pico Island. Pico: More photos taken while on Pico Island.

Oregon MSI Radar Build

December 7, 2011

Fly-over: Photos by Philip M. Barrett, Project Manager, Oregon Renewable Energy Center, Oregon Institute of Technology, taken from a National Guard Chinook helicopter.

August 30 - September 4, 2011

Maintenance Trip: Photos from solo trip to install grounding rods, organize remnants from build, inspect and repair any damages. .

Construction Movie

A movie of various construction phases of the Oregon MSI SuperDARN radars.

Wide Screen .mov (149 MB)

Phase 5 - January 23-30, 2011

Finishing Touches: Photos of final trip to install remaining phasing cards and play with the radars.

Phase 4 - November 21-26, 2010

Electronics and First-Light: Photos of trip to integrate electronics and power up the radars.

Phase 3 - October 7-8, 2010

Transmitters and Trenches: Photos of assembling transmitters and pulling cables in trenches.

Phase 3 - October 4-6, 2010

Main Antenna Arrays: Photos of attaching antennas and constructing the reflector curtains for the main arrays.

Phase 2 - September 16-17, 2010

Tensioning, Antennas, and Reflector Curtains: Photos of tensioning the poles, attaching antennas, and constructing the reflector curtain for the interferometer arrays.

Phase 2 - September 15, 2010

Tension Bars: Photos of attaching the tensioning bars to the tensioning poles.

Phase 2 - September 15, 2010

Pole Raising: Photos of poles being raised and attached to the piers.

Phase 2 - September 9-14, 2010

Pole Prepping: Photos of prepping poles before being raised and set on piers.

Phase 1 - August 22-27, 2010

Site Preparation: Photos of first phase of construction at site near Christmas Valley, Oregon.

Lab Prep - July-August, 2010

Photos of pre fabrication activities, Thayer School of Engineering.

Survey Visit - June, 2010

Photos of visit for preliminary site survey.

Site Finding Mission - March, 2010

Photos of site finding mission to central Oregon.