2011 SuperDARN Workshop


Workshop Program (including abstracts).

Workshop Photo Gallery

Photo contributions from Max McClorey, Sasha Koustov, Ethan Miller, and Christine Pilot.

Reception Campus Posters Ravine Lodge Mount Moosilauke

Welcome and Status Reports

Monday 0900 - 1030 title (click on title for abstract) presentation video
Simon G. Shepherd Welcome/Info .ppt (6.5M) (large | small)
Mark Lester SuperDARN Radar Status Report 2011 .pptx (14M) (large | small)
Simon G. Shepherd SuperDARN MSI Update .ppt (59M) (large | small)
Tim Yeoman Scheduling Working Group Report .ppt (750K) (large | small)


Monday 1050 - 1210 title presentation video
Hongqiao Hu Zhongshan Radar Update: Year One .ppt (43M) (large | small)
Barbara Popielawska SuperDARN in Poland - study of potential scientific benefits .ppt (14M) (large | small)
Raymond A. Greenwald A Brief History of the Early Technical Development of SuperDARN .pptx (4.3M) (large | small)
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Analysis Techniques

Monday 1330 - 1430 title presentation video
A. J. Ribeiro A comparison of SuperDARN ACF fitting methods .pptx (1.2M) (large | small)
Pasha Ponomarenko Making sense of SuperDARN elevation: Phase offset and variance .ppt (2.2M) (large | small)
Ellen D. P. Cousins Map Potential 2.0 .pptx (5.7M) (large | small)
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Radiation Belt Studies

Monday 1500 - 1640 title presentation video
T. Nagatsuma Toward prediction of relativistic electron environment in geospace .ppt (4.2M) (large | small)
A. Y. Ukhorskiy RBSP Mission: Understanding Particle Acceleration and Electrodynamics of the Inner Magnetosphere .pdf (9.2M) (large | small)
James A. Wild SuperDARN: looking ahead to RBSP .pdf (5.3M) (large | small)
Robyn Millan Studying Relativistic Electron Precipitation with BARREL .pptx (4.6M) (large | small)
Y. Miyoshi Geospace Exploration Mission: ERG .pptx (17M) (large | small)
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Wave Processes

Tuesday 0900 - 1450 title presentation video
A. Nedie Phase coherence on open field lines associated with FLRs .ppt (3.7M) (large | small)
A. D. M. Walker Analysis of waves at the magnetopause during a period of FLR activity recorded by the SANAE radar .pptx (2.3M) (large | small)
A. D. M. Walker Properties of Solar Wind ULF Waves Associated with Ionospheric Pulsations .pptx (3.7M) (large | small)
E. R. Talaat A case study of coordinated THEMIS-SuperDARN observations of field line resonances .pptx (4.3M) (large | small)
K. Sakaguchi Comparison of ionospheric azimuthal Pc5 plasma oscillations with geomagnetic pulsations on the ground and in geostationary orbit .pdf (7.9M) (large | small)
T.K. Yeoman Upstream Pc3 ULF wave signatures observed near the Earth's cusp .pptx (2.5M) (large | small)
P. Ponomarenko Short-period Doppler shift variations in the polar cap: ULF waves or something else? .ppt (2.7M) (large | small)
S. E. Milan Large-scale irregular undulations of the ionosphere as observed by the Falkland Islands SuperDARN radar .pptx (13M) (large | small)
T. Ogawa Medium-scale traveling ionospheric disturbances simultaneously observed with the SuperDARN Hokkaido radar and FORMOSAT/ISUAL .ppt (3.9M) (large | small
E. S. Miller MSTIDs observed with SuperDARN .pdf (6.7M) (large | small)
E. R. Talaat Solar cycle variability of atmospheric waves and tides as observed by SuperDARN .pptx (12M) (large | small)
Q. H. Zhang On the importance of IMF |BY| on polar cap patch formation .ppt (14M) (large | small)
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Ionospheric Irregularities

Tuesday 1520 - 1700 title presentation video
A.V. Koustov F-region echo occurrence in the polar cap: A comparison of PolarDARN and Saskatoon data .ppt (6.8M) (large | small)
A.V. Koustov Spectral widths of F-region PolarDARN echoes, a statistical assessment .ppt (5.3M) (large | small)
J. LaBelle Auroral high frequency waves: Possible scattering targets? .ppt (5.1M) (large | small)
K. Oksavik Sounding rocket measurements of decameter structures in the cusp .ppt (5.4M) (large | small)
E. S. Miller Toward Scatter Classification at Middle Latitudes .pdf (4.2M) (large | small)
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Poster Session

Tuesday 1700 - 1900 title poster
B. J. Anderson High-latitude convection maps derived from AMPERE field-aligned currents and comparisons with SuperDARN line-of-sight velocities .pdf (7.6M)
L. B. N. Clausen AMPERE and SuperDARN: What's in it for me? .pptx (3.1M)
E. D. P. Cousins Characteristics of spatial variability in high-latitude SuperDARN velocities .pdf (1.6M)
R. A. D. Fiori Convection mapping with Swarm satellite and SuperDARN radar data .pdf (1.3M)
A. Marchaudon Symmetry and asymmetry of interhemispheric dayside ionospheric convection seen by the SuperDARN Kerguelen and Hankasalmi radars .pdf (2.2M)
A. Marchaudon The interhemispheric version of the TRANSCAR ionosphere model .pdf (2.2M)
E. R. Talaat Quantitative comparison of cross polar cap potential as derived from AMIE, DMSP, SuperDARN .pptx (1.3M)
A. S. Yukimatu Interhemispheric comparison of cross-polar cap potentials .ppt (19M)
L. J. Baddeley SuperDARN and EISCAT observations of SPEAR (Space Plasma Exploration by Active Radar) induced sporadic E-region heating at 78N .pdf (1.6M)
L. J. Baddeley SPEAR-induced F region heating effects as observed using CUTLASS and EISCAT Svalbard radar .pdf (1.1M)
B. A. Carter Coincident multi-point observations of the E- and F-region decametre-scale plasma waves at high latitudes .pdf (1.6M)
A. Grocott Gravity waves and their relationship to geomagnetic activity .pdf (4.8M)
T. A. Kane Analysis of HF radar observations of ionospheric backscatter during geomagnetically quiet periods .pdf (1.4M)
E. A. McCubbin Classifying near-range echoes detected by the mid-latitude SuperDARN radars .ppt (700K)
E. R. Talaat Extended observations of decameter scatter associated with the mid-latitude ionospheric trough .pptx (5.6M)
D. Andre A DDS-based Phasing and Pulse Unit for SuperDARN .pdf (715K)
A. C. Bradley Clear frequency search algorithm for twin radar operation
J. Devlin Circular TTFD array design for omni-directional FoV .pdf (2.2M)
J. Devlin FPGA-based cable length phase calibration .pdf (2.2M)
J. Devlin Impedance matching for SuperDARN antennas: An improved technique .pdf (3.1M)
T. Hori An integrated analysis platform powered by fitacf CDF and the THEMIS tool developed by ERG-Science Center (ERG-SC) .pdf (1.5M)
K. Kamalakkanan New Operating System Upgrade for the Bruny Island Radar .pdf (1.2M)
A. McDonald Investigations of cross-channel interference on a stereo SuperDARN radar .pttx (4.1M)
M. M. McClorey Assessment of control program operation for twin radars .ppt (600K)
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Radio Wave Propagaion

Wednesday 0900 - 1150 title presentation video
Pasha Ponomarenko Making sense of SuperDARN elevation: Ionospheric diagnostics .ppt (2.9M) (large | small)
G.C. Hussey The radio wave power distribution at HF frequencies as modelled for Radio Receiver Instrument (RRI) investigations on the ePOP satellite mission .pdf (1.8M) (large | small)
R.G. Gillies Electron density estimates of the radar scattering volume for the Radio Receiver Instrument (RRI)-SuperDARN experiment on the ePOP mission .pdf (740K) (large | small)
P. Prikryl GPS Phase Scintillation and HF Radar Backscatter Occurrence at High Latitudes .pdf (3.3M) (large | small)
N. Nishitani Characteristics of ionospheric responses to solar flares observed by the SuperDARN Hokkaido radar .pptx (4.1M) (large | small)
S.G. Shepherd SuperDARN observation of March 9, 2011 X-class solar flare .ppt (28M) (large | small)
D. Huyghebaert Solar Sector Structure Correlations with SuperDARN Saskatoon Radar and EISCAT Svalbard Radar Data .pdf (2.3M) (large | small)
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Subauroral Processes

Thursday 0900 - 1210 title presentation video
A. J. Ribeiro A survey of plasma irregularities seen by the mid-latitude Blackstone SuperDARN radar .pptx (620K) (large | small)
S. de Larquier Observations of an evening enhancement in ground backscatter from mid-latitude SuperDARN radars .pdf (6.7M) (large | small)
P.J. Erickson Midlatitude Ionospheric Features in the Plasmasphere Boundary Layer: The View From Millstone Hill .pdf (12M) (large | small)
Y. Zou Study of mid-latitude ionosphere convection during super quiet, quiet, and disturbed period with the SuperDARN Hokkaido radar .pptx (12M) (large | small)
T. Hori Sub-auroral flow shear observed by King Salmon HF radar and RapidMAG .pptx (2.3M) (large | small)
L. B. N. Clausen Large-Scale SuperDARN observations of a Sub-Auroral Polarization Stream at Mid-Latitudes .pptx (20M) (large | small)
R. A. Makarevich SAPS intensification during substorm recovery: A multi-instrument case study .ppt (3.5M) (large | small)
A. Grocott Dynamic sub-auroral ionospheric electric fields observed by the Falkland Islands radar during the course of a geomagnetic storm .ppt (5.5M) (large | small)
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Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interactions

Thursday 1330 - 1450 title presentation video
M. Lester Magnetopause reconnection rate and cold plasma density: a study using SuperDARN .pptx (2.1M) (large | small)
G. Sofko The disruption zone model of magnetospheric substorms .ppt (3.2M) (large | small)
L. B. N. Clausen Ionospheric Convection and Field-Aligned Currents During Strong Magnetospheric Driving: A SuperDARN/AMPERE Case Study .pptx (14M) (large | small)
S. E. Milan Solar wind-magnetosphere coupling, substorms, and ramifications for the ionospheric convection pattern .ppt (4.9M) (large | small)
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Convection Studies

Thursday 1520 - 1700 title presentation video
R. A. D. Fiori Magnetometer and radar study of the ionospheric convection response to sudden changes in the interplanetary magnetic field .ppt (6.0M) (large | small)
B. Bristow On the relationship of polar cap flow velocities and the IMF/solar wind .ppt (8.0M) (large | small)
K. Oksavik SuperDARN and reversed flow events in the cusp .ppt (15M) (large | small)
R. C. Fear The formation of transpolar arcs .ppt (4.2M) (large | small)
I. Coco Towards an information theory approach for monitoring the ionospheric convection dynamics .ppt (12M) (large | small)
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Interhemispheric and Satellite Studies

Friday 0900 - 1020 title presentation video
K.A. McWilliam Hemispheric Comparison of Signatures of Flux Transfer Events .ppt (5.0M) (large | small)
S. E. Milan Unprecedented observations of a sequence of flux transfer events .ppt (17M) (large | small)
J.B.H. Baker Testing the Equipotential Magnetic Field Line Assumption Using Interhemispheric SuperDARN Measurements .pptx (7.9M) (large | small)
D. Knudsen Swarm and SuperDARN .ppt (24M) (large | small)
B. J. Anderson Active Magnetosphere Polar Electrodynamics Response Experiment (AMPERE): Status and Highlights .pptx (26M) (large | small)
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Working Group and PI Reports

Friday 1110 - 1215 title presentation video
R.J. Barnes SuperDARN Software .pdf (1.7M) (large | small)
D. Andre Data Collection and Distribution Report (June 2010 to May 2011) .pdf (290K) (large | small)
H. Hu SuperDARN 2012 .ppt (7.3M) (large | small)
R. C. Fear Spacecraft Working Group Report .ppt (840K) (large | small)
M. Lester PI Report .pptx (85K) (large | small)
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