2011 SuperDARN Workshop       

Solar cycle variability of atmospheric waves and tides as observed by SuperDARN

E.R. Talaat (1), J.M. Ruohoniemi (2), R.A. Greenwald (2)
(2) Virginia Tech

abstract. We have analyzed the occurrence of mesospheric tides and planetary wave activity in the meteor wind data over a solar cycle at several radar stations in both hemispheres. Understanding the behavior of planetary waves and tides is not only crucial to characterizing mesopause variability but also transport in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere. We examine the variability in tidal and planetary wave activity over the past solar cycle and correlations with lower atmospheric phenomena. We further investigate the seasonal and inter-annual variations of the diurnal, semidiurnal and terdiurnal tides, and planetary waves. We find possible connections to the quasi-biennial oscillation and to sudden stratospheric warming (SSW) events. Additionally, we present examples of intensified planetary wave activity that occurred during SSWs.

Sakaguchi KaoriNICT Japan