2011 SuperDARN Workshop       

Toward Scatter Classification at Middle Latitudes

E.S. Miller and E.R. Talaat
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, Maryland, USA

abstract. We present an update on on-going work at JHU/APL to understand the sources of backscatter observed with the new middle latitude radars. Notably, we propose classifying backscatter from: auroral convection FAIs (traditionally called "ionospheric scatter"), non-convection FAIs (e.g., those found in the trough/plasmapause region in the evening), the ground via F region, the ground via sporadic E, specular meteor echoes, E-region FAIs (so-called "quasi-periodic echoes"), and specular sporadic-E echoes. These classifications are vital to the extension of SuperDARN science to middle- and lower-latitude phenomena.

Sakaguchi KaoriNICT Japan