2011 SuperDARN Workshop       

Performance of Control Programs on MSI Radars

M.M. McClorey, A.C. Bradley, E.D.P. Cousins, and S.G. Shepherd
Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH USA

abstract. The pair of MSI radars in Christmas Valley, which came online late in 2010, are running using the new QNX6 operating system as a platform for data collection. The while the existing body of control software ran on the MSI radars, the control programs needed to be updated in order to take advantage of the extended capabilities of the new technology brought to bear in these radars. This work describes changes made to normalcan and themisscan to accomodate the expanded number of beams used on the Oregon radars (cvw and cve). New versions of these control programs were run on the Oregon radars and results are compared with the original versions.

Sakaguchi KaoriNICT Japan