2011 SuperDARN Workshop       

F-region echo occurrence in the polar cap: A comparison of PolarDARN and Saskatoon data

M. Ghezelbash, H. Liu, A.V. Koustov and D. Andre
U of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada

abstract. F-region echoes in the polar cap can be detected by both the auroral zone and PolarDARN radars. In this presentation, we assess Rankin Inlet, Inuvik and Saskatoon echo occurrence rates at various magnetic latitudes and seasons. We show that the overall echo detection for MLAT=75-90 decreases from winter towards summer by a factor of 2. However, for MLAT=80-85, there are clear equinoctial maxima that occur mostly because the echoes are frequently observed not only near noon but also on the nightside. We discuss inferred variations in the echo occurrence rates in terms of various factors influencing echo detection.

Sakaguchi KaoriNICT Japan