2011 SuperDARN Workshop       

SuperDARN in Poland - study of potential scientific benefits

B. Popielawska (1), A. Odzimek (2), I. Stanislawska (1), M. Kubicki (2), A. Wernik (1), G. G??al (1), M. Grzesiak (1), M. Pożoga (1)
(1) Space Research Center PAS, Warsaw, Poland
(2) Institute of Geophysics PAS, Warsaw, Poland

abstract. Space Situation Awareness program of the European Space Agency includes space weather and is an appropriate frame for Polish space research community to plan new research infrastructure to increase our contribution to global space weather monitoring and development of underlying science. SuperDARN station in Poland seems to be an ideal investment for such a goal. Two research institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Space Research Centre and the Institute of Geophysics, partners of the Geoplanet consortium, joined efforts to prepare the appropriate scientific program and complete the necessary formalities to apply for funds to build SuperDARN station in Poland. In this paper we will shortly present participating scientists and institutes, their experience and achievements in space weather studies, and their interest in SuperDARN science. Potential scientific benefits of having SuperDARN in Poland will be discussed and present status of the project will be reported. Success of the project will depend strongly on the support of the international SuperDARN and space weather communities and organizations.

Sakaguchi KaoriNICT Japan