SuperDARN Real-time Data

Many of the radars in the SuperDARN network provide a real-time data stream. Nigel Wade from the University of Leicester, with help from Lasse Clausen from Virginia Tech, has developed a Java application that allows users to see the real-time data in various ways.

  • You will need Java version 6 to run this application. To check what version of Java you have installed click here
  • Start the Real-time Data Browser

All Radars

To see a map showing all the real-time data available from this server, click the top button in the real-time control panel.

  • Click the checkboxes at top of window to deselect radars.
  • Right-click on the map to change the data type and the viewing location.
  • Right-click on colorbar to change the scale.

Single Radar

To see a map showing the real-time data from a single radar, select the desired radar from the dropdown list on the control panel and click the fan plot button.

  • Right-clicking has the same effect as for the larger map.

Time Series

It is possible to see the real-time data for a particular beam of a given radar over the past 24-hours as a range-time-intensity (RTI) plot by first selecting the radar from the dropdown list and then clicking the time plot button on the control panel.

  • It is possible to change the beam by entering the appropriate beam number in the text box at the top of the window and hitting enter key.
  • change the properties of the plot by right-clicking in the plot window or the colorbar.