SuperDARN Data

Several types of data and summary plots are available for the Christmas Valley, Oregon SuperDARN radars, including real-time and archival data. Please contact the PI for specific data requests.


RTI Summary Plots

Range-Time Intensity (RTI) summary plots show various Doppler parameters (velocity, power, spectral width, elevation angle, etc.) as a function of range and time for 24-hour periods. Click on image for menu.

Fan Plots

Summary fan plots showing Doppler parameters over the Oregon fields-of-view for radar scans. Click on image for menu.

Diagnostic Plots

Summary diagnostic plots showing details of radar operations for 24-hour periods. Click on image for menu.

Data Availability

The following tables shows the delay in the latest data that is available from echo each radar in the network.
Updated on Wed Jun 9 13:45:28 UTC 2021.


siteyeardays hours
inv20211 29
rkn202135 859
cly20211 45


siteyeardays hours
kod20215 131
ksr202134 827
pgr20211 29
sas20211 29
kap2020243 5855
gbr20210 5


siteyeardays hours
jme202128 681
hkw20211 35
hok20211 35
cvw20210 11
cve20210 11
fhw20210 5
fhe20210 5
bks20211 37
wal202173 1767


siteyeardays hours
sye20210 19
sys2019866 20805
san20211 35
mcm20211 35
tig2020441 10607
bpk2019526 12646
fir20211 37
sps20212 59
unw2019685 16449
zho20218 203
dcn202121 515
dce202121 515
ker2020515 12360


siteyeardays hours
lyr2018960 23041
han2019690 16571
hal20161967 47226


siteyeardays hours
adw2018951 22843
ade2018966 23199
pyk20181004 24107
sto2019810 19451

Data Requests

Requests for data from the Oregon radars (Christmas Valley East and Christmas Valley West) should be made to:
Name Phone Email
S. G. Shepherd 603.646.0096

Please contact the PI before using any plots in a scientific presentation or paper.