This page tracks the current membership of the SuperDARN Scheduling Working Group. Radar codes in brackets following a member's name and institution indicate that person is responsible for uploading schedule files to the radar(s). Please contact Evan Thomas if you are interested in joining the working group as either a member or observer.

Evan Thomas (Dartmouth College)

Peter Dyson (La Trobe University) [bpk tig unw]
Tomoaki Hori (Nagoya University)
Keisuke Hosokawa (University of Electro-Communications)
Andrew Kiene (University of Alaska Fairbanks) [ade adw kod mcm sps]
Kevin Krieger (University of Saskatchewan) [cly inv pgr rkn sas]
Takahiro Naoi (NICT)
Kevin Sterne (Virginia Tech) [bks gbr fhe fhw kap sto]
Mikko Syrjäsuo (UNIS) [lyr]
Jon Ward (SANSA) [san]
Tim Yeoman (University of Leicester) [han pyk]

Bill Bristow (University of Alaska Fairbanks)
Gareth Chisham (BAS) [fir]
Mike Kosch (SANSA)
Mark Lester (University of Leicester)
Aurélie Marchaudon (IRAP/CNRS) [ker]
Federica Marcucci (INAF/IAPS) [dce]
Ethan Miller (JHU/APL) [wal]
Kathryn McWilliams (University of Saskatchewan)
Tsutomu Nagatsuma (NICT) [ksr]
Nozomu Nishitani (Nagoya University) [hok hkw]
Mike Ruohoniemi (Virginia Tech)
Simon Shepherd (Dartmouth College) [cve cvw]
Akira Sessai Yukimatu (NIPR) [sye sys]

"Unrepresented" Radars:
[hal zho]

Past Chairs:
Gareth Chisham (2007-2016)
Dieter André (2000-2007)
Catherine Senior (1997-2000)
Mark Lester (1994-1997)

The mailing list for the SWG along with other SuperDARN mailing lists are operated by the University of Leicester. The DARN-SWG mailing list can be accessed here: (Note this page is no longer available as of ~June 2017)

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