Daily CPID Overview

The figures on this page are an attempt to track the radar Control Program IDs (CPIDs) which were operated at a particular site in comparison to the monthly schedule file distributed by the Scheduling Working Group. Currently, summary plots are available only for Adak East/West, Blackstone, Buckland Park, Clyde River, Christmas Valley East/West, Dome C East, Fort Hays East/West, Goose Bay, Halley, Hokkaido East/West, Inuvik, Kapuskasing, Kerguelen, and Prince George radars for the year 2015 - more will be added soon!

Note: regions of the lower CPID panel which are shaded gray are meant to indicate when the radar was not operating; regions shaded yellow indicate when the radar entered a Dst-triggered mode (usually rbspscan). These have been determined in an automated fashion and may not accurately reflect the true operation of the radar.

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